Sunday, July 23, 2017

Result for second evaluation

Hi there! Second part of GSOC was very fast and we are closer and closer to the second deadline. One reason for fast second period is my vacation. I was going to vacation to one week(11-17 july). The vacation was very perfect and i had a good rest. The other reason and the main reason is good work. I have a implementation of Zero Inflated model with Zero Inflated Poisson model. These models are nearly finished. One problem for that model is probit inflation, logit inflation works fine. These models successfully tested. The other part of work was Truncated model and Poisson Truncated model. These models are require more tests, but current tests successfully passed. Based on the truncated models i implemented Hurdle model. As the latest tests showed, this model needs refactoring because results from STATA differ from results of my model. For now i will continue my work. I hope that i pass second evaluation.

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