Monday, August 7, 2017

Second evaluation passed successfully

Hello everyone!

Second evaluation is over. I successfully passed it. Third work period still ahead.

In the previous 2 week was reimpplemented/refactored Negative Binomial model to Negative Binomial  model with p-parameter. Part of the tests was copied from existing Negative Binomial model and missing part was implemented. This model is fully prepared to merge.

Another part of work was Hurdle model.
My first tests shows that previous implementation of Hurdle model didn't work well. One part works well, anoter part works wrong. When i implemented censored model and change wrong part to censored model, hurdle model gave true results. All results i compared with Hurdle model from R package pscl.
Just one problem: how to print these two part as a one model and avoid reimplementing result class. This problem needs to solve in the near future.

Have a good work!

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