Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summary for all work

1. Generalized Poisson model (GP-P): GitHub - Status[Merged]
2. Generic Zero-Inflated model , Zero-Inflated Poisson model, Zero-Inflated Generalized Poisson model, Zero-Inflated Generalized Negative Binomial model: GitHub - Status[Review]
3. Generic Truncated model and Poisson Truncated model, Truncated Generalized Negative Binomial model, Truncated Generalized Poisson model: GitHub - Status[Review]
4. Generic Censored model, Censored Poisson model, Censored Generalized Poisson model, Censored Negative Binomial model: GitHub - Status[Review]
5. Hurdle model: GitHub - Status[Need tests]
6. Generalized Negative Binomial (NB-P) model: GitHub - Status[Merged]

3, 4, 5 PR goes as a single PR, but includes very different model. That was done, because Hurdle model based on Truncated and Censored model.

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